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Though often the topic of fear and relative unease for a patient when discussing a visit to the dentist, a root canal can be an important and necessary procedure. At its core, a root canal is a treatment conducted on the pulp of the tooth. A root canal may become necessary when the pulp of the tooth is inflamed, dying, or infected. If you're experiencing tooth aches, then don't hesitate any longer, contact Iris Dental Care -- the best dentistry in Vienna, VA.

Essentially, the pulp of the tooth can be found within the soft interior of each and every tooth in the mouth. The nerves and blood vessels that supply nutrients to the teeth run through the pulp chamber within each tooth.

At Iris Dental Care, there are several things to consider when conducting a root canal:


The pain that stems from a toothache is the most common sign that a root canal is necessary. If the tooth is still alive, the pain will manifest as a heightened and lingering sensitivity to heat or cold. Swelling or bleeding are also signs of potential infection and may be symptoms that require a root canal.

Reasons for a Root Canal

There can be a number of reasons for a root canal. An abscess occurs when the pulp of the tooth dies and becomes infected with bacteria. A deep cavity, fracture, or other trauma can also cause the nerve endings to be severed within the tooth, allowing for decay or infection to possibly set in. It is important for a patient to contact a dental office like Iris Dental Care for more information if a possible root canal may be necessary.

Successful Root Canals

When a root canal is successfully treated, the dentist will remove the pulp of the tooth. After this is done, the canals and hollowed out pulp chamber within the tooth will be filled and sealed in order to ensure no additional bacteria enters and infects the inside of the tooth.

Feel free to contact the dental office at Iris Dental Care with any additional questions or concerns involving root canals in the Vienna, VA area today!

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